Growing the Photina Red Robin

Growing the Photina Red Robin are a great way to add a range of colors to your garden!

The Photina Red Robin has a beautiful range of different colors on their leaves. Each new leaf that grows is a bright shade of bronze or red and as they mature, they turn solid dark green. It is important that you continue trimming the ends. This way new leaves can form and grow throughout the year.

You need to choose the location of the plant carefully. The plant grows well in moist, fertile and well drained soil as well in partial shade or full sun.

Here are a couple of tips:

  1. choose a location that gets plenty of sun and has well-drained soil
  2. Amend the soil with organic matter such as compost or manure before planting
  3. Plant Photina Red Robin in early spring or fall for best results
  4. Water regularly during the first growing season to establish a deep root system
  5. Fertilize with a balanced fertilizer every few weeks during the growing season
  6. Prune back after blooming to encourage new growth
  7. Enjoy the colorful display of flowers and foliage!

We can conclude that this plant is the perfect plant for anyone who wants to add an attractive and colorful hedge to their garden.

Here are a few tips on how to take care of the Red Robin:

You need to trim back the branches of the Red Robin during winter, while they are still dormant. This way you can shape them properly.

Water the soil near the standard of the Red Robin. Make sure not to water the leaves, this will avoid blackspot.


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