Amaryllis as a houseplant

The hippeastrum, also called amaryllis, grows naturally from a bulb and has its origin in South America and the Caribbean.

The amaryllis is a flower bulb from the daffodil family that grows and blooms indoors. The bulb is widely available from November and brings atmosphere to your home with its large flowers. When you work with decorative materials such as ribbon or Christmas balls, you turn the amaryllis into a real Christmas flower.

The amaryllis is now available in many spectacular colours: dark red, bright red, stark white, white with red stripes or salmon pink. The amaryllis is therefore an ideal atmosphere maker in both classic and modern interiors. Amaryllis is also ideal as a cut flower for a Christmas bouquet.

If the R is in the month
With the amaryllis, many people immediately think of Christmas and dark days. Not surprising, because the flower is very popular at this time of the year. Nevertheless, the amaryllis is available for much longer. If the letter R is in the month: from September to April!

Different colors
You often see the flowers of the amaryllis in red and white, but they also come in white-green, salmon-orange, salmon-colored, lilac-purple, orange, dark red, pink and even striped.

The color and kick of hippeastrum and amaryllis
This plant with voluptuous flowers has the look to give your interior the right atmosphere. Hippeastrum is very sleek in a design setup, a bit looser or completely hip-theatrical. Do you see it big and colorful? Then with Hippeastrum you have the styling to ring in the new year with color. With a little attention she develops very quickly. In a few weeks the buds become large flowers, which then fully unfold again and steal the show! Usually in red, but also in pink, red-white striped or in white.

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