Ground covers are indispensable in your garden

Soil is of course very important in the garden. This is where plants rise from, as well as where all your furniture and other objects are built. When designing and furnishing your garden, you start from the ground surface that you have at your disposal. Let’s take a look at the ways in which you can use this soil.

The type of soil can be important for garden plants. Plants have different needs in terms of nutrients and moisture. Different soil types have different properties in terms of nutrients and moisture permeability and thus availability. Depending on the plant species, some coordination is required in order to avoid disappointment.

Bare soil
Perennials play a major role in your garden, but often they don’t cover the entire soil. A lot of bare ground may still be visible between these plants, such as trees or shrubs that have a crown or top that is wider than the trunk or trunks. Leaving soil open is unfavorable, because unwanted ‘weeds’ like to settle here and thus disturb the image you had of your garden. In addition, the nutrients are easily washed away in uncovered soil.

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